Might Makes Right at CPB

To no one's surprise -- at least among that small segment of the population that was paying attention -- GOP money lady Cheryl Halpern was elected chairman of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting yesterday succeeding cultural warrior Kenneth Tomlinson, who conducted his own jihad against alleged liberal bias in public broadcasting, with particular focus on former "Now" host Bill Moyers.

As Paul Farhi's Post story today indicates, conservatives now have unfettered control over the CPB, which distributes about $400 million annually to public broadcasters.

This statement from Jeff Chester, executive director of the Center for Digital Democracy, laments Halperin's ascension and calls for reform of the the CPB. He's right.

It isn't likely that Big Bird will soon be teaching kids to say the word "creationism" or preaching about the evils of gay marriage. But public broadcasting has now become a full-fledged political football with the right in control of the line of scrimmage.

Which leads to the logical conclusion that the best route for the public broadcasting service is to tell the government to keep its money -- and thus, its heavy-handed "oversight" of PBS -- and figure out some other way to make up the funding without airing too many more Roy Orbison concerts.
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