Dog Days of Summer

After numerous fits and starts, and dramatic cutbacks in the newsroom, the Boston Herald appears to be settling on a recognizable editorial concept, particularly on page 1. Lots of populism, outrage, and what the paper calls "enterprise" stories. (Enterprise stories are basically stories, off the beaten news path, that the Globe doesn't have.) Whether it's successful or not in reversing the paper's fiscal problems, it's a plan.

In that formula, it's a given that animals make good copy. But Thursday's paper-leading story with its screaming headline "Who Poisoned Poor Olly?: Fiend scattered deadly dog food in Eastie park" was missing one thing. The corpus delicti.

As a dog lover (and former Miniature Schnauzer owner), I'm happy to say that "Poor Olly," a chocolate lab, did not die as a result of the "deadly dog food" and "lethal chow." Yesterday's story and today's follow did note that he may have lifelong side effects -- and that's bad news. But Olly survived his brush with murder. And it says here that if you're gonna splash page 1 with an animal cruelty story, you might need a (God forbid) worse outcome. Boston Herald
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