[comics] new Justice League of America gets all Mass on our behinds for issue #1


In September 2011, DC Comics hit the reset button on their whole universe, resulting in, among other changes, a massive realignment of one of its lynchpins, the much-revered Justice League. JL is one of the longest-running comics of all time, existing in one state or another since 1960; with the reset (dubbed "The New 52" after the fifty-two comic lines relaunched), DC created offshoot Justice League International, wherein a UN-controlled team dispensed ass-kicking care packages to villains worldwide. Sadly, this Hall of Justice-based team ran its course after only a year and change; now though, DC is replacing it with a more local (for US comic dorks) variant, debuting issue #1 of Justice League of America today, on comic book shelves nationwide.

And yes, true believers, that is indeed the JLA hoisting our own Algonquin-chillaxing-under-Myles-Standish's-disembodied-arm state flag-- and double yes, eagle-eyed dorks, that is indeed Simon Baz, the new Muslim Green Lantern, assistingVibe, Green Arrow and Catwoman in striking an Iwo Jima pose. It's all in a day's cover modelling for the newest JLA iteration. There is no official word yet from DC sources on whether this Mass-centric JLA will continue with more Bay State-themed heroics; may we suggest:

- Martian Manhunter uses his famed "vortex breath" to clear through standstill traffic when the JLA-mobile is stranded on Storrow Drive during rush hour?

- Vibe's sonic vibration manipulation is put to the test when he tries to get some peace and quiet in his new Allston studio digs?

- Hawkman flies stranded downtown partiers home to the 'burbs when they miss the last Green Line at 12:35am?

Waka waka waka! More than likely, though, after issue #1 JLA will continue with DC's relentlessly Big Apple-centered supershenanigans; so for now, Bay State comic book fans, savor this tip of the hat to you and your DC patronage.

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