This week in the Phoenix: Actionable odors! Spine hymens! Weirdly prescient scholarly Godzilla throwdowns!

A whole heap of nerdly delights ensconced in this week's Phoenix -- from an interview with comix goddess Lynda Barry (who encourages you to "blow your mind ... with your own mind") to our take on Game of Thrones, plus loads of wallowing in David Foster Wallace. Behold.

[books] "Does this book make me look smart?": 'People Holding Infinite Jest' mocks the cult of David Foster Wallace
Exploring cyber inside-jokes: David Foster Wallace's deep-thought textbook, Infinite Jest, gained cult status after his suicide. A local man's urge to showcase the now-trendy literary accessory [and the trend itself] inspired his photo-blog of Flickr pics showing people "reading" the book with furrowed brows, lost somewhere deep in profundity. Money quote: "In each shot, the books have one thing in common: ‘They have hymens,' Braiotta says. The pictured copies of Infinite Jest are pristine."

[books] Review: David Foster Wallace's The Pale King
Nina MacLaughlin writes an in-depth exploration of David Foster Wallace's The Pale King. From the author of the cult-famous Infinite Jest comes a book pushing the question of "how-to-be-alive-in-this-day-and-age" even further. RIP, DFW.

[this just in] An Old Monster Re-Awakens: Godzilla vs. BU
After failing to predict the Japanese earthquake and subsequent Fukushima problems, BU's year-old plan to screen the original Godzilla goes forward on April 21, with speaker Gregory Pflugfelder, Director of Columbia University's Keene Center of Japanese Culture. To seek protection from the giant monster that is karma, BU's Japanese Culture Club will sell bracelets to raise money for relief efforts.

[film] Review: Atlas Shrugged Part I
Judging from the film's dismal Freshness Rating, reviewers shrugged, too. Here, the objectvist opus becomes mediocre cinema -- a film that's Rand-y, but not randy. Which is too bad. (In the words of Ebert: "This may be disappointing for libertarians, who I believe enjoy rumpy-pumpy as much as anyone.")

[film] Nine Nation Animation: Film shorts from all over
Considering that Spike & Mike's is but a sad, threadbare shadow of its former sick-and-twisted self these days, and that we haven't heard from The Animation Show in what feels like FOREVER, we're so damn glad to see someone curating cool animated shorts.

[film] Review: Your Highness
Dark Ages meet Pineapple Express. James Franco, Danny McBride, and Natalie Portman have fake British accents in the pocket. This spoof on medieval times puts them somewhere lost on the set of LotR, looking for King Richard's Faire with Zooey Deschanel as a virginal bride.

[games] Review: Yakuza 4
Violence, soap opera, and minigames collide in the fourth installment of the Yakuza series. 4 does it all, and does it all "balls out" (to quote one if its characters). But what's amazing, is that it does it all without a sense of irony whatsoever. Long live the New Sincerity!

[theater] Review: Breaking the Code
Theater correspondent Carolyn Clay breaks the code for us in her review of the URT's latest production about WWII cryptologist Alan Turing. "Talky" but "visually interesting," with good performances from the whole cast, the play confronts issues of science, ethics, and homosexuality in 1950s Britain.

[back talk] Interview: Lynda Barry
SI Rosenbaum and Lynda Barry discuss the esteemed cartoonist's life and training, touching on ice skating, Matt Groening, brain science, and her marriage proposal to Joseph Heller.

[TV] Review: Game of Thrones
HBO's adaptation of the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire premiers this week, but will it be able to tackle the enormous scope of the books? Maddy Myers weighs in.

[big hurt] HURTS SO GOOD
David Thorpe snipes at Britney's smell merch, Billy Joel's book, Miley Cyrus's Black beef, and an impending "ghost horror John Cougar musical."

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