Spotlight on Boston's BEST: NERD GATHERING

Let's face it, Boston is a deeply nerdy city. You can be walking along the street, and suddenly you're talking to a guy cross-dressed as the latest Dr. Who companion. (This actually happened. If you're reading this, buddy, you looked great in that miniskirt.)

And as you may know, we nerds are never happier than when we're arguing. Kirk vs. Picard. Mac vs Linux. We all have an opinion or ten. So we're asking you, O nerds of Boston: which is the best gathering place for the cerebrally enthusiastic? Would you rather be discussing ethical polyamory and the works of Robert A. Heinlein at Arisia, exploring the esoteric knowledge of fellow geeks at Nerd Nite, getting your game on at PAX East, ogling cosplay boys at Anime Boston, coding new sounds at Music Hack Day, or just kicking back with an old-school D&D campaign at Pandemonium Books?

 The choice is yours. Vote here!

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