Desperately Seeking Pyramid Head: PAX East, in Craigslist Missed Connections

Bioshock Infinite threatens a fair maiden at #PAXEast on Twitpic

So PAX East has come and gone -- and left behind a trail of broken hearts. One has only to check out the "Missed Connections" section of Craigslist to sense the palpable longing of nerds who almost -- but didn't -- get laid.

PAX East tf2 female engineer cosplay - m4w
I was dressed up as Monkey D Luffy from One Piece, we posed for a picture together (which is completely awesome and you have to see it). After that you headed to the PC free play room, I headed to a bar with my friends. In an infinite number of parallel universes I invited you to come along and we all had a great time. In another infinite number of parallel universes I ditched my friends and played PC games with you and we had a great time. In our universe I epically failed and said nothing. I would be a pretty shitty Luffy if I didn't try and fix that.

Triss Merigold stole my heart ... and now I want it back - m4w
How can I explain this? Was it the otherworldly cool that radiated from you? Your subtly sensual demeanor made you a demi-goddess amongst droves. When we first met I feared that my words had cast you out of the inner-peace you had so effortlessly attained on that pedestal. You never showed the slightest hint of arrogance, or shyness, or annoyance. ...You played the role like it was made for you. No digital vixen could match your factual grace and charm.  You were the flyest, and I watched you fly by.

PAX Pyramid Head - m4w
I loved your cos-play and was absolutely blow away when I saw you after the Coulton show out of costume. I complimented you on it in the main lobby and have had you in my mind since....

Harley Quinn - m4w
I stood next to you at the concert. You were with, I assume by costume, your boyfriend. You looked miserable and i just wanted to tell you to cheer up. Youre too cute to be frowning.

PAX Girls, really? - m4w
Where do all you beautiful women live the rest of the year? And I don't mean booth babes, I mean the hot actual gamers. Please, let me know where to find you the rest of the year.

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