The Elder Ones get older: Happy birthday, H.P. Lovecraft!

The Real Ghostbusters: "The Collect Call of Cthulhu Pt. 2"

Hey it's H.P. Lovecraft's birthday! So, to honor the late, legendary composer of creepy chronicles, we give you this episode of The Real Ghostbusters. Personally, I would consider this late '80s cartoon spinoff series the presiding authority on questionably pronounced Lovecraftian monikers like "Cthulhu." Therefore, let this clip be the case closer on any and all lingering debates.  Plus, it hits particularly close to home. If your home happens to be the entirely fictional town of Arkham, Mass.

In other Lovecraft news: Guillermo Del Toro and James Cameron are probably teaming up for a film adaptation of At the Mountains of Madness. Prepare to question your fundamental understanding of reality and have your sense of purpose and humanity 3D!

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