Get Your LOLs On IRL at Roflcon 2010

Spreading the awkwardness: Mike Bender and Chernack of will be at this year's Roflcon.

There's a solid chance that if you've ever laughed at anything on the internet, the party responsible for your lollerskates will be at this weekend's ROFLCon II at MIT, which kicks off today at 1 pm. The guest list is a virtual who's who of the people who've built empires out of flash-in-the-pan memes -- with panelists representing everything from the downright hilarious to the truly legendary to the dead horses that have been beaten to a pulp.

Unfortunately, ROFLCon registration is closed. But if you slept on scoring yourself a front-row seat, you can still catch a glimpse of the guaranteed lunacy that will be this event, which kicks off today at 1 pm.

Since you're reading a post about ROFLCon, I'm going to forgo explaining the concept of live streaming and just tell you that the generous people putting on the con will be offering up one, with a video feed for each of their three-panel rooms. The ZOMFG-awesomeness runs today and Saturday.

Behold, its fearsome schedule.

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