JFK, Martians, and Alternate Realities: Michael Foy and "The Kennedy Effect," tonight at the Harvard Coop

"And so my fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do to co-opt with interstellar agents in order to prevent my impending assassination."

That was the quote, right?
Local author Michael J. Foy's most recent novel, The Kennedy Effect, lays out this beyond-loony tale, in which a parallel earth witnesses President Kennedy's assassination here on our planet, leaving the powers that be -- the Agency -- to ponder whether or not they must stop their own version of JFK from being killed in a scenario that could cause the destruction of both universes through a big bang. All while dealing with a meddling group of Religionists and being monitored by Martians from "a viable Mars," including "a mysterious splinter group of Martians called the Others."

Seems logical. (Then again, those two hours of Lost we mainlined last night might have us more than ready for bizarre alternate-reality plots involving shadowy bands of Others.)
Of course, conspiracy theory surrounding JFK's death is nothing new, and there have been those that have attempted to tie his untimely end to alien intervention in the past, but most of those theories are found in the deepest, darkest depths of the internet and are not given the opportunity to unfold throughout a near 300-page novel.
Foy will be on hand to dissect his sci-fi secret service caper tonight at 7pm at the Harvard Coop.
--by Michael Walsh
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