Iron Man 2 pics leaked

ScarJo Black Widow

Iron Man 2 pictures have been making the rounds. We've known about War Machine for a while, but now we finally get to see Scarlett Johanssen rocking red threads and a catsuit. People seem a lot more excited about her picture than the other three. Why on earth could that be?

The movie already had one cute redhead -- Pepper Potts, the Good Girl to Tony Stark's Bad Boy. And now we have ScarJo stepping on to play Marvel sex symbol Black Widow. Yes, I know -- all heroes want redheads, and I like a good femme fatale as much as the next nerd. But just once I'd like to see one of these ladies strapping herself into a mech suit like the guys!

Sigh. When is that new Metroid game coming out again?

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