Nintendo Wii's Horrifying Attempt to Appeal to Young Girls

Oh, Nintendo. You have simply got to stop doing shit like this. It is possible to take interactive gaming too far. 

You want gamer parents to put that wonderful vibrating wii-mote inside a baby doll (let's not even start on that one) and give it to their little daughters to play with? Creepy child pregnancy implications aside, what the crap is up with that baby's deadened Uncanny Valley eyes? Plus the extensive make-up on the little girl's cheeks make her look more like a fevered cult victim than a rosy-faced, innocent gamer-to-be.

I can see it now: a young lady receives this gift, and when she tosses it aside, her older siblings use the wii-baby for everything from boxing in Wii Sports to aiming at the screen while blasting zombies in Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

The game's only coming out in Australia, so I hope I didn't get you too excited about potential baby-boxing. But, then again, American developers were responsible for Dante's Inferno's baby-killing achievement. So who looks stupider right now? Probably us ... sigh.

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