• December 22, 2008
    By Adam Reilly

    About that Boston newspaper war I mentioned a couple days ago? Between GateHouse and the Globe?

    Well, it just got a whole lot nastier.

    As Dan Kennedy notes, there's a very important issue at play here:

    Since is selling advertising on its "Your Town" pages, the argument is that the New York Times Co., which owns Boston.

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  • December 20, 2008
    By Adam Reilly

    My buddy Dan Kennedy dimisses this NY Times Q-and-A with "Caroline Kennedy and her staff" (the paper's phrase) as "crapola," and argues that the Times shouldn't have run it.

    His "crapola" assessment is dead on. But to my mind, that's exactly why the Times did the right thing in printing the interview.

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  • October 17, 2008
    By Adam Reilly

    CBS4's Jon Keller seems to think that--since the Secret Service can't confirm that anyone suggested killing Barack Obama during a Sarah Palin rally in Scranton--all claims of disturbing anti-Obama invective are baseless.

    Over at Media Nation, however, Dan Kennedy notes that it's not that simple:

    The first report that Palin's crowds were getting out of control appeared in the Washington Post in early October, when Dana Milbank covered a Florida event at which "Kill him!" was clearly heard.

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  • September 04, 2008
    By Adam Reilly

    ST. PAUL--In an email, a DQM reader takes vigorous issue with my assessment of Mitt Romney's speech to the RNC:

    A B-plus my ass! You won't see or hear a worse speech all year than Mitt's. I was sitting on my couch practically covering my eyes. I don't like him, but I was touting him for VP.

    Real quickly, here's my response.

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  • August 28, 2008
    By Adam Reilly
    Earlier today, I argued that today's Herald cover story--which suggested that the DNC hadn't helped Barack Obama's presidential campaign--was "premature" and a "botched job." Now that I've read Dan Kennedy's analysis of recent Gallup Daily polls, I'd be inclined to use harsher language.
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