Herald's Carr: Obama Nobel a race-based handout

Until today, I thought Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was just a gratuitous European swipe at the Bush Administration.

But now I know better, thanks to Herald columnist Howie Carr, who today identifies the Nobel as the race-based handout it really is:

Barack is a guy who was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple. When are we going to see his SAT and LSAT scores? Must have been very good, considering he was admitted to Columbia and Harvard Law, right? Got to be editor of the Harvard Law Review without writing a single article - how do these things happen?

The Norwegian moonbat in charge of these latest reparations - I mean very-well-deserved honors - said the $1.4 million payoff, er, prize, is intended to “contribute a little bit to enhance what he is trying to do.” Hmmm....

My only gripe: while Carr touched on affirmative action and reparations, he failed to work malt liquor or Al Sharpton into the column. Don't fear the moonbats, Howie! Have the courage of your convictions!

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