Earlier John Perry: Obama as Manchurian candidate

Take a look at this April 27, 2009 column by coup daydreamer John L. Perry, who's identified as a "regular columnist for" The title--"Obama, the Puppet President"--gives you a sense of where Perry's going, but the really good stuff comes at the end (Perry's a good finisher, apparently):

[I]s there some individual, off stage, who instructed the president of the United States to perform that embarrassing, 180-degrees reversal [on torture prosecutions]? If so, who is that master puppeteer?

Could this be why Obama pitched a fit until the Secret Service let him keep his cell phone to receive calls he absolutely had to take?

In the Pinocchio allegory, an insignificant wooden figure yearns to become a real little boy. But his proclivity for stretching the truth causes his nose to lengthen each time.

The little future marionette falls among evil company in Catchfools, a city where everyone is a fool, or worse (read Washington, D.C.), and pays the consequences (well, maybe not Washington, D.C., after all).

The full story of Barack Obama, the puppet president, remains untold: Who is the Geppetto who carved this herky-jerky stick figure? Who now pulls the strings that control the movements that affect the daily lives of all Americans?

Boy, John, that's a great question. Maybe your benevolent military coup leaders can explore it further after they've seized control?

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