Herald spins academic dross into sexxxy gold

If you heard that Tufts University has an official policy banning student sexual activity in the presence of a roommate, would you be shocked?

Me neither. But if you spice it up a bit, as the Herald does today in a cover story (!) by Laurel Sweet and Benjamin Bell, that innocuous factoid gets way more titillating (all emphases added):

Dorm rooms doubling as steamy love huts have Tufts University throwing cold water on sex on campus - at least when horny students let it all hang out in front of red-faced roommates.

“You may not engage in sexual activity while your roommate is present in the room,” tuts Tufts’ 2009-10 guest policy, newly revised in response to student gripes about rambunctious roomies and their raunchy romps.

Lordy, that's hot!

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