Menino at 11--what to ask the mayor?

In a move tied to's new Metro Desk section, the Globe is sponsoring an online chat with Tom Menino at 11 a.m. today.

Oddly, the chat doesn't seem to currently be publicized on the front of, or on Metro Desk itself. I only know about it thanks to a very small blurb below the fold on the front of today's Metro section.

That's unfortunate. Given the mayor's reluctance to engage his opponents in public settings, this is actually a pretty choice opportunity for anyone with an interest in city politics.

Here's my question: if you had one and only one question to ask the mayor at 11 a.m., what would it be? (Try to keep it serious, please; no queries about diction, what it's like to run against a progressive dynamo like Sam Yoon, why Menino hates firefighters, etc.)

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