Hot perv fun in the summertime--updated!

Update: a reader notes that what I took for the Herald's admission that few sex offenders drive ice-cream trucks was actually the Herald marveling at the dearth of laws preventing popsicle-peddling pervs. (Take that, Laurel Sweet!) The original post follows:

Today in the scrappy tabloid, reporter Laurel Sweet marvels at the dearth of sex offenders driving ice-cream trucks, while simultaneously raising the spooky spectre of sex offenders driving ice cream trucks. From the piece, titled "The heat's on ice cream truck vendors: Pol proposes background checks to weed out pervs":

State Sen. Michael R. Knapik is proposing to outlaw convicted sex offenders from manning ice cream trucks - incredibly, a rarity nationwide. But don’t expect a soft serve when the bill comes up for debate tomorrow afternoon.

That is incredible!

Also noteworthy: Sweet's evocative description of how Knapik's bill would work:

Any offender caught dealing in fudgsicles would face up to 2 years in jail and heavy fines. Knapik is further asking the state to empower police to arrest dicey drivers lickety split, without first obtaining a warrant.

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