Today's Herald cover: not protest-worthy


Universal Hub reports that today's Boston Herald cover--featuring Michael Jackson's death, natch--has become the subject of in-person protest:

Just got word of a protest at 1 Herald Square at 4 over the Herald's "FADE TO BLACKO" cover today. Protesers say it was racist and offensive to Boston's black community: "Michael Jackson was an icon and should be respected!"

I don't get it. Obviously, "Fade to Blacko" is just a hybrid of "Jacko" and "Fade to Black," neither of which has anything to do with race. Plus, while the Herald's hed doesn't strike me as particularly disrespectful, Jackson's freakish personal proclivities pretty much guaranteed that, when he died, his death would be just as much a spectacle as his life. 

Am I being too callous here?

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