WWJD? Or, predict Severin's back-to-broadcasting shtick!



Like you, I'm eager to see how Jay Severin handles himself when he returns to the WTKK-FM airwaves tomorrow. He's got a tricky task ahead of him, that's for sure. On the one hand, Severin needs to show his bosses that he can, in fact, be "civil and respectful," or at least come reasonably close. But Severin also has to convince his loyal listenership that--his recent suspension notwithstanding--he's still the same edgy, erudite, Asian-women-lovin' conservative they've come to esteem.

So how will he do it? Some predictions:

1) He will weep audibly at some point in the show;

2) He will express his deep gratitude to the aforementioned loyal listeners, a/k/a the "Best and Brightest," for sticking with him throughout this ordeal;

3) He will go all Western Civ on our asses and expound on the importance of relatively measured rhetoric, explaining that, when one's language is excessively incendiary, it becomes a distraction and obscures your legitimate arguments; and

4) He will aspirate his T's even more than usual.

Readers: what else?


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