Promising media feud of the day


Forget about the Globe versus GateHouse. Now sports reporter Chad Finn wants to tussle with sports radio heavyweight WEEI-AM:

We don't change the station, and so the station sees no need to change. Ratings are huge, possibly even as huge as the station claims. Its primary demographic has tremendous appeal to advertisers. And New England’s fanatical dedication to the professional sports teams that the station’s hosts bloviate about in four-hour blocks is seemingly endless.

And so there you have it: WEEI. Your sports-radio leader. A perfect storm of arrogance.

What’s that adage about pompous silver-spooners? He was born on third base and thinks he hit a triple? That fits certain WEEI hosts as comfortably as a Bloomin’ Onion–stained Tommy Bahama shirt. They think the station’s success somehow reflects on them, that we tune in for their shrill banter, contrived characters, and prefabricated opinions. We don’t — never have, never will. We listen because we love sports, our beloved teams are enjoying a remarkable run of success, and WEEI happens to have both access and broadcast rights. Most of all, we listen because there is no other decent local alternative with a signal stronger than that of a ham radio. 

A bit of context: is now competing directly with the  for Boston's web-based sports readership. And the WEEI-Globe feud actually dates back to 2001, when then-Globe editor Matt Storin banned Globe staffers from "Dennis & Callahan" and WEEI responded by banning all Globe staffers, period. 

Any 'EEI listeners out there know what kind of response--if any--Finn's column has gotten from the station today?

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