Globe to kill Health/Science section

This development is slightly less dramatic than it might seem, since the existing Health/Science section was published once a week, inside the A section.

Still, the fact that the Globe seems to be backing away from two subjects of particular interest to Bostonians is telling. Given the challenges that newspapers in general and the Globe in particular currently face, the folks at Morrissey Boulevard can't simply reduce coverage that doesn't support the paper's core mission. Instead, they'll have to reduce coverage the paper clearly ought to be providing. (Also, let's not forget that health/science coverage garnered the Globe a Pulitzer not too long ago.)

Here's the email in question, which was apparently sent by features AME Fiona Luis. I've contacted Luis to ask how much of a reduction in health/science content readers can expect; if I hear back from her, I'll post that information here.


To the staff:

Effective March 2, the Globe will no longer publish a Health/Science
section inside the A section of the paper on Mondays. As a result, the
consumer health portion of the paper's coverage will migrate into g on
Mondays and the science portion will move into the Business pages.
For us, that means the cover story of g, the G Force interview and the
outer rail (adjacent to G Force) will be health-related on Mondays.
Details related to these changes are still being sorted out, but I wanted
to alert you all, since the decision was made last night. Please feel free
to come by if you have any questions.


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