Elite media voter-suppression alert!


Got an e-mail this morning from none other than Newt Gingrich, who urged me to stick it to the media by going to the polls. Because, he explained, the media don't want conservatives to vote:

The latest tactic in this elite media campaign has been to declare the presidential race over in an effort to discourage some voters from going to the polls. After all, if Barack Obama has already won, why should supporters of John McCain even bother to vote?

But this election won't be decided by Keith Olbermann, or CNN, or the New York Times.

It will be decided by you.

Now, I understand that Gingrich is less concerned about logic then getting out the Republican vote. Still, it's worth noting how utterly nonsensical this argument is. After all, if Obama's already won, it's not just McCain supporters who shouldn't bother voting; it's Obama supporters, too. (Also bear in mind that the "elite media campaign" Gingrich describes apparnetly includes noted Obama shills Karl Rove and Charles Krauthammer.)

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