Correction of the day: NYT on McCain


Given the McCain campaign's ongoing battle with the New York Times, someone at McCain HQ must have gotten intense enjoyment out of correcting today's NYT Magazine cover story:

The cover article on Page 52 this weekend about Senator John McCain’s campaign misspells the given name of Mr. McCain’s fellow senator from Arizona and the surname of the governor of Florida, both McCain supporters. The other Arizona senator is Jon Kyl, not John, and the Florida governor is Charlie Crist, not Christ. The article also misstates the name of the Ohio city where some McCain campaign staff members first met Mr. McCain’s running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. It is Middletown, not Middleton. And the article overstates the duties of Tucker Eskew, a member of Ms. Palin’s team. He is officially her counselor, not her chief of staff, though campaign officials say that he performs many of the same duties.

All small-ish mistakes--but taken in aggregate, they certainly won't bolster conservative faith in the Times's ability to get it right on McCain.

If McCain manages to come back and win this thing--and one new poll suggests that the race is --it'll be very interesting to see whether and how his administration engages the Times.  

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