Election '08: who the #$&@ needs more information?

Today on Morning Edition, NPR's Renee Montagne reported from a debate-viewing party for undecided voters last night in New Mexico, a battleground state where Barack Obama currently has a slight edge. It strikes me as odd that anyone's still undecided, but get that some people might still be weighing the pros and cons of each candidate: maybe you like Obama's call for change but see McCain as more experienced.

The close to Montagne's story left me utterly baffled, however. Here it is:

[O]ne guest at last night's debate party may well have predicted how long the uncertainty will last. Jim Rivera [sp?] said he was leaving the party having made a decision. And that decision is, he needs more information. 

"I will be looking and reading and following closely for the rest of the campaign here, probably until the day of voting," [Rivera said].

Uh...can someone please explain this mindset? We've been through contested Democratic and Republican primaries. We've seen both parties' nominating conventions. We've had two presidential debates and one vice-presidential debate. Obama and McCain's claims and counter-claims have been fact-checked again and again. And there's round-the-clock campaign coverage on the center, the left, and the right.

No offense to Jim, but how in God's name can anyone seriously say they still need more info?

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