Fuck nonpartisanship: It's politics as usual at RNC while Gustav rages



ST. PAUL--The directive John McCain gave to the RNC yesterday was pretty clear: It's time to take off your Republican hats and put on your American hats.

It ain't happening. Overheard this afternoon at the Xcel Energy Center:

"There are those who never met a tax they didn't like or hike. There are some people who want hardworking Americans to send even more of their money to Washington. We disagree!" (California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, co-chair of the RNC platform committee)

"It's about the future, not the past. It's about ideas, not personalities. And it's about building a better America, not building a bigger government." (North Carolina Senator Richard Burr, McCarthy's fellow co-chair, introducing the platform. NB: "Personalities" means "Barack Obama.")

"During our time in the white house we've had the pleas of getting to know each of the governors of those Gulf Coast states. They're all strong leaders.... They all also happen to be Republicans." (Laura Bush, introducing video greetings from Govs. Rick Perry of Texas, Bob Riley of Alabama, Charlie Christ of Florida, and Haley Barbour of Mississippi)

"You're seeing the Republican governors in--I think--in Republican states doing a fabulous job of taking care of the citizens. That's what we--that's what we do." (Perry)

"I'm proud to stand with my fellow Gulf Coast governors as we respond to this storm. We have a great team in place, taking action to protect and save lives, offering help to other citizens and each other. The teamwork among our states has been unprecedented. And I want to personally thank President Bush for his leadership. He and his administration have been in close contact with each of us, and his leadership has been excellent. Thank you, Mr. President, for all you're doing." (Riley)

"Character, courage, and sacrifice. They demonstrate the highest form of citizenship...You are making this country proud. You embodey honor, duty, and dedication. And ladies and gentleman, it is those values, that strength, that will lay the foundation for our recovery."(Riley lauding John McCain. Just kidding! Actually, that's Riley lauding the Alabama National Guard.)


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