PRIMARY WINNERS - Woodcock wins, we get the jump on making fun of his name

It's the day after the primary election and the two Dems vying for Senator Olympia Snowe's job have spent most of it not knowing which of them will get the party's nomination. With 94 percent of precincts reporting by mid-afternoon, Jean Hay Bright, of Dixmont, had 50.68% of the vote (that's 22,360 people) and Eric Mehnert, of Orono, had 49.32% (that's 21,760 people), according to the Bangor Daily News. That's a difference of 600 votes. Before the loser demands a recount, that is.

At 6 pm today, Hay Bright sent out a press release declaring victory. No word yet on a concession from Mehnert.

But at least some results are final, the Republican's candidate for governor has officially been selected - it's Chandler Woodcock by an appendage that has nothing to do with sex. Get your minds out of the gutter.

As I write this post, Woodcock leads the next most popular candidate, Peter Mills, by only three percentage points. Mills and Emery conceded defeat in a press conference earlier this afternoon. So, Woodcock it is. Sure, you might not have heard of him. And if you have, it's only because you happened to overhear some guy make fun of his last name after one too many at Brian Boru. But, look out, he might be our next governor! Here are a few things about him to whet your palate - he wears bowties, he lives in Farmington, he was a Maine senator, and he opposes abortion except in the case of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is at risk. Sounds exciting.

If this laundry list of random tidbits has not satisfied your lust for Woodcock, click here to get a nice hard dose of his full story.

If you're just curious to see what this Woodcock guy looks like, look no further:

That's Chandler there in the middle (note the bowtie, irreverantly askew) between Dave Emery on the left, who's probably laughing because he thinks he's going to win the primary, which he won't, and Peter Mills, who looks like he forsees, accurately, that he will lose.

Oh, and Governor Baldacci beat Chris Miller by a margin of 3-1 in the Democratic primary for governor. That one was pretty cut and dry and, sadly, did not involve bowties.

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