• Which bon mot from the baggage-laden Republican legislative candidate is your favorite? Let's be interactive here, people!

    Here are the choices, drawn from the aforementioned article and Howie Carr's complimentary column:

    1. "The people will elect Bennett to the Senate because the truth comes out."

    2. "I don't see color.

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  • Because I'm a shameless slacker, I just read this week's Laura Kiritsy column in Bay Windows--and what did I learn? Samiyah Diaz, who's challenging incumbent Dianne Wilkerson for the Second Suffolk state senate seat, says she'll work to repeal the law that bars out-of-state gay couples from marrying in Massachusetts if she's elected.

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  • The Alloy Orchestra used to have the new-scores-for-silent-films racket sewn up around here, but over the past few years what was once a novelty has become a niche market, and one of the awesomest bands to jump into the genre has been Devil Music. Aside from being one of the most underrated art-punk trios in town, they also do shit like get their friends together into 30-piece orchestras and put on sold-out neo-classical shows, and then turn around and tour the country playing live to The Cabinet of Dr.

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  • Franz Ferdinand and Death Cab for Cutie
    April 12 at Agganis Arena
    Photos by Carina Mastrocola

    Oh, sure, you came expecting quite the cat fight: a pair of unevenly matched (yet highly-leveraged) indie/alterna/collegerock bands going at it mano-a-mano, face to face, skin to skin. Brits versus Yanks! The war of "independence" all over again! Fur flying, probably! An exchange of words, at least! Some strategically passive/aggressive taping-off of the soundboard, wink wink!

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  • 1. P. Nice and the Audiovandal have been working overtime on what they're calling their first official mixtape -- that is, the first one that they're not giving away for free on the internet, even for a little bit. Or at least that was the plan until we badgered them into giving us a preview. Whereupon instead of just giving us the first five minutes, they turned around and produced a full-on "trailer" -- like they're Clinton Sparks or Kanye West or some shit!

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  • Once a year we pause -- in mid-spring, so you don't get it twisted with Pazz and Jop or anything -- and take a look back at the last 12 months of music. Then we get all American Idol and let you vote about it. Thing is, the Phoenix's Best Music Poll ballots are designed to cut across literally dozens of factional Boston music tribes, so if you only read the Noise and drink at the Abbey, or if you only post on the Honeypump board and go to Great Scott, you likely look at the ballot and go, "Well, fuck, I've never even HEARD of half these bands!"

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  • Odd timing on this one. Here's the press release the Patrick camp just issued:

    Byrd to Return to Business Interests

    BOSTON-Wednesday, April 12, 2006—The Deval Patrick campaign today announced that Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kahlil Byrd is leaving his full-time position to return to business and foreign policy interests he suspended when he joined the campaign.

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  • Paper Thin Stages: "Gravity? Fuck gravity."

    They’ve only been a band for three years, but the members of PAPER THIN STAGES have been playing music together since they were "very young" — fourth grade to be exact — according to singer/guitarist Nate McDermott. And somehow that's no surprise given the fluent dynamic shifts and knotty arrangements on Progress Toward Ranks, the band’s new EP for the Pittsburgh-by-way-of-Boston indie imprint Sort of Records, which marries oblique, Slint-y guitar lines, fat distorted bass, and precise-yet-powerful drums with a Fugazi-like synergetic force.

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  • It's budget season!

    11:43 a.m.: Nine councilors present when the gavel bangs.

    11:47 a.m.: Rich Rogers, of the Greater Boston Labor Council brings two labor leaders from New Orleans to the podium, who tell us about workers'-rights abuses in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. "People over there are trying to get their lives back together, and it's very, very hard," says Robert Hammond, president of New Orleans' International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 130.

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  • The best thing I've read today: this post, by David at Blue Mass Group, arguing that any Democrat who takes part in Mitt Romney's healthcare photo-op at Faneuil Hall is a masochistic bonehead (my words, not his). Great stuff.

  • Poison the Well
    At Axis, April 10

    Poison the Well are hard to place within the metal/hardcore spectrum. Their secret recipe mixes nu-metal and emo with traditional-breakdown hardcore, creating an ultra-melodic sound unique among young metalcore dinosaurs. Their crossover sound allows them to attract wide audiences [just like C.

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  • Tickets to this thing go on sale this Thursday. Watch this space for pre-sale links.

    Now let's talk about the Best Music Poll ballot for a second. For reasons that are lost to history, the one category where OTD really holds an sway in the nominations are in the metal categories. And so first of all, we'd like to apologize to Doomriders, who made the local metal album of the year (perhaps the national metal album of the year), and did not get nominated for a damn thing in this year's BMP.

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  • Want a preview of what anti-Romney Republicans will say in '08? Check out this item from the conservative Republican blog Interesting stuff--and a welcome change of pace from the Romney lovefest that's been going on the last few days.

    p.s.--Seems I posted a bum link earlier, but it should be working now. Mea culpa.

  • So, the Deval Patrick campaign unveiled its first web ad (and the first video ad of the governor's race) a few minutes ago. My quick take: leading with the bio is a nice swipe at Tom Reilly; swelling synth music sounds too much like the theme from St. Elmo's Fire; the "Less focused on right and left...more focused on right and wrong" line should play well with independents who make it that far.

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  • If you have tried to email OTD -- or in fact anyone at the Phoenix -- since, oh, about Saturrday, you might want to give us a call. Our email is, how you say, farked? So this post is sort of the equivalent of tap-dancing between acts, a little time-stalling maneuver while we figure out who to fire for this mess. It's also what we've been doing he past few days instead of posting.

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  • Not that that's his motivation, necessarily, but this new poll strongly suggests that Chris Gabrieli is sucking tons of support from Tom Reilly and barely any from Deval Patrick.

    Consider: five weeks ago, Reilly led Patrick, 47 percent to 37 percent, among likely Democratic primary voters. Now Patrick's at 36 percent and Reilly at 33, with Gabrieli at 19 and undecideds at 11.

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  • Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter doesn't actually say that. But in "A Rising Star, Out of the Blue," he comes close.

    Therein, our governor is favorably compared to Bill Frist, John McCain, George W. Bush, and his father, George Romney. For good measure, Alter also describes Mitt as "[s]mooth-faced," "supple," and "skillful," compliments his hair, and says his Mormonism won't be an issue for most voters.


  • Back on in wax, Tupac tour mulled for late 2006:

    Ms. Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother and caretaker of her son's public image, stated, "Our family is all but speechless by this great honor being granted my son by Madame Tussauds. We are all tremendously grateful that his legacy will live on through this attraction.

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  • Photo credit: Lloyd Schwartz.

    Our Pulitzer-winning classical music editor told us he was going to see his friend's nephew's band . . . you may have heard of them? Called Wolf Parade? We told him he'd better email us some camera-phone pics. He did! And he even wrote about the show!

    READ: Holy F#$%!: A classical aesthete checks out Wolf Parade. (And Holy Fuck, too!) By Lloyd Schwartz.

  • Because the people want to know: $158,248 in 2005,* with $35,280 paid in federal and state taxes.

    Quoth Reilly, in a press release his campaign sent out today: "It's pretty simple - this is a question of being open and honest with voters. People deserve to know where our money comes from, what our financial interests are, and what potential conflicts we may have as Governor."

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