Que tu sabe d'eso?

This just in: Canada ain't no poussez. After a weird night in Toronto and very little sleep for everyone, we pulled into my very favorite city in North America -- Montreal.

Our hotel was right on the edge of Chinatown, so Diplo and I ventured out to see what food we could find. What we found first was the most mediocre fire dancing performance ever.

DOWNLOAD: firedanceguy.MOV (6.57 MB, QuickTime)

Dissatisfied by the fireman (fire, f-fireman) and the 80-year old tai chi instructor who took the stage after him, the hunt for food was back on. Diplo was looking for poutine, which I previously thought was the worst thing in the world. I was wrong, however, because the Chinese buffet restaurant that we ended up eating at was, without doubt, one of the worst meals anyone could ever have. It was just one of those places where even eating lettuce is a scary proposition. (In retrospect, the chicken wings were a bad call, but yo I was hungry!) I wish I knew the name so that I could warn you, but past experiences lead me to say: just steer clear of Montreal Chinatown cuisine in general. And $0.75 hot dogs on Saint Laurent.

Admittedly, the restaurant in question had the Jell-O / general dessert game on lock. In fact, Montreal's game was tight all around: beautiful Frenchie girls, much love and singing along during Bonde's set and everyone (like, everyone) stayed all the way 'til 3AM, dancing to "Surfin' Bird" and Dick Dale in a Sala Rossa which must have been 200 degrees.

Some of the kids had a little too much fun and the cops had to come in and clear errbody off the sidewalk in front of the venue and out of the street in front of our bus. One girl was practically throwing herself under the tires, saying she wouldn't leave until she could "say goodbye" to Pedro, who was cowering in fear in the back of the bus.

The next morning, we awoke to find that either (a) that same girl has some wild fingernails on her, or (b) our bus had been sideswiped. Luckily, they just broke the frame of the door and only one lil guitar amp got scratched up. I say "luckily" because if the driver had done any worse damage, tour manager Edu would have pieced together the evidence CSI-style and bodied him.

Our night in Ottawa didn't fix the bus, but it definitely fixed any other problems we may have had. (i.e. tiredness, crankiness) Everyone -- the crowd, the venue management, the bar staff, our pals in Disorganised -- was super friendly. Marina sang "Melo Do Tabaco" about 3 or 4 times, since literally all the DJs who were spinning had their own remixes that they wanted her to perform live. Que lastima! You can check out Jokers of the Scene and Bonjay's remixes right herre:

DOWNLOAD: Bonde do Role - "Melo Do Tabaco (JOTS Remix)"
DOWNLOAD: Bonde do Role - "Melo Do Tabaco (Bonjay Remix)"

Of course, things can get a bit boring for a lowly merch lackey, so Luvfoxxx and Marina helped me pass the time with a little dancing during Diplo's surf rock set. My good (great, even!) friends Alanna and Pho from Bonjay hung out too, and Linus and Chameleonic from JOTS set up their dope lil mixtape distro table. (It was just like Brooklyn but cleaner.) I wish I had taken some pictures because they're all quite beautiful people, but I'm retarded.

Lastly: DJ Gorky, brought to you by Jagermeister (in more than one way). Over and out for now, kidz. NEXT STOP: BOSTON!
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