SXSW: Javelin at Shangri-la

It ain’t easy getting a dance party going on the first day of SXSW: nobody is permadrunk yet, everyone’s still thinking about how they look (bands included), and people are smartly storing their energy for the fest’s three main days.

This was no challenge for Brooklyn/Provdence duo Javelin, who set up a heap of MPCs, drum pads, and spray painted boomboxes (used as ersatz crusty speaker cabs!), and unleashed a half hour of crowd loosening, quirk heavy, clip-hop dance jams. Much of what they palyed were fleshed- and flashed-out versions of the mini-masterpieces on their ADD debut Jemz and Jamz, freshly souped up with cute rhymes and callouts to everything from “get Into the Groove” to “Frere Jacques.” One person wasn’t having it (a loogie flew by my head and hit their monitor), but the yardwide danceplosion that broke out, complete with plumes of kindbud smoke that had us all rubbernecking.

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