LG Won't Be G

Tim Murray will not run for governor, his hometown Telegram & Gazette reports.

While I wouldn't call this a total shock, it certainly does answer perhaps the biggest looming question about the potential field. Not only does it remove a major contender for the Democratic nomination, it also frees up a lot of his supporters -- who include many important organizational and fundraising names in the state -- to be courted by others.

Worth noting: in recent times, there have been only two proven paths to the corner office: directly from the LG's office, or from outside elected office entirely. Doesn't mean that will hold true for 2014, but just something to keep in mind.

And I'll just say that, as much as I have occasionally derided and joked about Lil' Timmy -- and while I think that he is the wrong candidate for the office at this time -- I do think that he is a smart guy who has worked hard with the public good at heart. 


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