Q&A #4: Keating For Senate? Others?

Turning, inevitably, to the upcoming special election, "M-Wood" asks:

Do you think it is possible that Bill Keating would run for the Kerry seat?


Not that it would matter if he did.

More broadly, "Megan" asks:

What names haven't we thought of for the U.S. Senate race? I still feel like there are a few 'dark horses' that will run.

Honestly, if there are any out there, they're keeping it awfully quiet. The one interesting name I've heard from a few different people is that Jonah Pesner has talked to people about the possibility -- judging by his invocation at Deval Patrick's first inauguration, he could generate some lefty enthusiasm -- but I have no indication that it's gone beyond the "what if?" stage. David Simas's name has been floated, but I'm told that's a false alarm. (Although don't count him out for a 2014 campaign.) 

I'm sure we'll get a couple of attention-seekers jumping in, perhaps including one or two who put together the signatures to make the primary ballot, but won't have the resources to make a real impact.

But I don't get the sense that there are any significant candidates preparing to run beyond Ben Downing, Steve Lynch, Ed Markey, and possibly Michael Capuano. Nor do I get the sense that Guy Cecil and other DC Dems have a Warren-like star they're trying to pull in.

The question, of course, is whether someone with money and/or political muscle looks at the field and decides to jump in. Could happen.

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