Q&A #2: Mermell, Curtatone, Driscoll

 "Diana Anderson" posed three questions, but I'm going to take on this one for now: "Jesse (not Mermell)" asks: (Sorry, was showing up wrong for some reason before.)

Yesterday you listed all Mass. politicians with "klout" over 50. Most were either Federal officials/candidates, state constitutional officers and legislators/candidates, or Boston city councilors. Three notable exceptions where Jesse Mermell, Joe Curtatone, and Kim Driscoll. All three have been rumored as possible candidates for higher office someday -- what do you think the likely next move is for each of them?

Let's go in alphabetical order....

Curtatone, the popular Somerville mayor, should run for governor in 2014 but probably will not. Some believe he will run for congress when former Somerville mayor Michael Capuano leaves -- although the district now is more favorable to a minority candidate from Dorchester or Milton. My purely wild guess is at some point he runs for or accepts appointment to some perfectly good stopover position, from which he is perennially discussed for higher office that he never pulls the trigger on.

Driscoll, the mayor of Salem should also run for governor in 2014 but will probably run for lieutenant governor. It's important to note, however, that she has still failed to provide evidence to prove that she is not a witch; this could become a political hazard for her if anyone decides to start baseless and irresponsible rumors on their blog.

Mermell, the well-connected, ambitious Brookline selectman, was considering running for congress until the Kennedys came along and ruined everything. I have absolutely no idea where she goes, but my purely wild guess is that for at least a good chunk of time the path does not include higher elected office. 

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