Q&A #1: Scotto Goes Native

Happy Ask Me Anything Day! "CS" asks:

Do people REALLY care about the E.Warren/native american thing? I was really shocked that Brown is bringing up such old, dumb news. Or am I in the minority?

...and "Deb" asks:

Who are the people in Brown's latest ad?

Deb is talking about the ad that can be seen here, which is the second from the Scotto camp since the first debate talking about the Native American controversy. This one shows "ordinary people" talking about their disappointment in E-Dubs for what she did.

I put these two questions together because I think the answer to the second answers the first.

We can assume two things about the Brown strategists: 1) they're pretty smart, and 2) they have more data on the electorate than we do.

So they've decided to go all-in with the heritage attack for a reason. And I think we can safely guess that they chose "ordinary people" for the ad who would resonate with the target demographic they're trying to reach.

So who are they? They seem to me pretty.... well, don't take offense, and I don't mean this in a bad way, but pretty townie.

I'm just saying, there's a certain legacy of "town-gown" dividing lines in Massachusetts, and I think the people in the ad are on the "town" side of that fight.

And I think they see "Professor" Warren (the first two words spoken by the ordinary people) on the "gown" side.

So, I'm just guessing here that the renewed high-pressure assault on the Native American thing isn't really about the Native American thing. It's about the credibility of someone who got to waltz in here, probably on some kind of affirmative action, without so much as a local accent, and become part of the Harvard faculty elite, while you had to go to Bunker Hill and struggle to send your kid to UMass -- and now she's claiming to be fighting for regular, hard-working, middle-class people like you.

As I mentioned the other day, it's hard to get voters to believe that Warren was doing something wrong in the Travelers or LTV Steel case, because she's got the reputation of being on the side of the regular guy.

I think this is how the Brown camp is trying to knock that reputation down: by reminding people that Warren isn't like you. She's gown. You're town. Like Scotto. 

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