Tierney Keeps Digging

So let me just see if I've got this right: Congressman John Tierney says that he will release his tax returns, but not if you're working on a story he doesn't like, that would use information in those returns that he has already verified.

OK, just checking.

According to the Globe, the Tierney campaign is all pissy about a story the paper has been working on, suggesting that Tierney's wife should have claimed money from her scofflaw brother has income rather than gifts. So the campaign refused to show the returns, since the Globe was only interested in using them for that story. 

But Tierney isn't disputing that the returns show that the money was treated as gifts. So.... apparently the refusal is just out of spite?

Gotta love this from Tierney campaign manager Matt Robison, in a statement to the paper: "If you are interested in writing a different story about some other aspect of the returns which does not involve a false and misleading allegation, then Congressman Tierney will of course reconsider providing his returns to you."

I think that's an outstanding standard for providing information to the press, don't you? I'll consider answering your questions, if you agree to write what I like.

Tell you what, Tierney campaign. I'm planning to write a blog post about how AWESOME the Tierneys' accountants are. I can has returns now yes? 

Look, I get that the Congressman is bent out of shape about the Globe and other media outlets pursuing a story that he thinks people should trust him on because he's such a great guy and all. 

But he's killing himself with this attitude.

From the get-go, Tierney should have come forward humbly and said: "Look, I get that people are going to have questions about this -- hey, if I was on the outside looking at it, I'd have questions too. That's fair. I want to reassure everyone that I'm the same honest, trustworthy representative they've entrusted for the past 14 years, and I'm going to answer all your questions to make sure that happens."

Then he could get around to saying that oh and by the way a vote for the other guy could be the difference in whether John Boehner or Nancy Pelosi decides what bills get to the floor for the next two years, so chew on that. Which is how he wins.

Telling the Globe to go fuck themselves on the tax returns you already said you'd provide is not helpful. It is bad. The Globe is not your problem in this race, Congressman. You are.

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