Ann Does The Job

Quick reactions to Ann Romney's convention speech:

--I totally wanted her to come out on Rafalfa. Oh well.

--After a bit of a nervous (but not bad) start, she was very good. Simple, solid, well-written speech, with some good lines, delivered in a talkie rather than speechy way. And, without coming on too strong so as to seem like she was trying to sell something not believable.

--Nice touch, if predictable, having Mitt come out for a quick kiss after.

--I would be surprised if they don't find some way to use her again on Thursday night. Certainly she'll be in some videos, at the least.

--Really nice to see how healthy she's looking these days. She looks great.

--I thought they did a nice job of not trying to gloss over the fact of their extreme privilege, but sort of accepting it as a backdrop against which they could be seen as a normal couple. In a way, it's not that different from 2008 when the Obama campaign very deliberately tried to present the Obamas as an accessible, relatable family without getting around their obvious blackness.

--Not sure how much the speech helps, though. But it's a good start on loosening up America about the Mittster, so they might feel a little less distrustful of him when he takes the stage Thursday. Pressure's still all on him.

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