Dem Women, For Comparison

In response to some who have asked, regarding my earlier post...

In the 48 districts holding primaries today, eight are currently represented by Democratic women. Of those eight, seven are running for re-election and are considered safe. (The other, Tammy Baldwin, is running for US Senate.)

Women are running in 9 other districts, at least 4 of whom have reasonably good chances of winning the primary and the November general election.

So, depending on how things play out, it will go from 8 Democratic women and 3 Republican women from those four states, to roughly 8-10 Democrats and 2 or 3 Republicans.

For reference, the current makeup of the House of Representative includes 49 Democratic women (of 191 total D, 26%) and 24 Republican women (of 240 total Rs, 10%).

Here are my counts for primary results in 355 districts going into today:

Incumbent women re-nominated:

Democrats: 36

Republicans: 18

Women challengers nominated:

Democrats: 59, including 13 with at least a decent chance of winning.

Republicans: 20, including 6 with at least a decent chance of winning.


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