Things I'm Having A Hard Time Caring About

--Whether Elizabeth Warren told people she was part Cherokee. I would say that, given how the Cherokee ended up in Oklahoma (google "Trail of Tears"), it's perfectly legitimate for a family to pass along that portion of their heritage. I'm not saying this whole episode makes me think any better of Warren, but I'm not sure what these great questions are that Scott Brown thinks she needs to be answering about it. 

--Whether Scott Brown's daughter is on his insurance. Don't get me wrong, this (like the Cherokee thing) is a great little scooplet to report. But does it matter? I don't see why it should. First of all, it's perfectly reasonable to endorse one part of a large complex law while opposing the law as a whole. And anyway, there's nothing wrong with taking part in a law that exists, even if you think it shouldn't.

--Warren's work on behalf of Traveller's Insurance. Again, a good story. And I do care about Warren not disclosing more about her history of who she's worked for, and what she's done for them. She really does need to come forward with that info, in my opinion. Much of it, I would guess, is like this example -- because ultimately I think Warren is essentially both pro-business and pro-consumers, and is always looking for the path that balances those two interests. Those who want to believe that you can't be both are going to have a problem understanding those paths, but Warren will need to explain it.

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