9:00am -- 10,000 Voters

As of 9:00 this morning, just over 10,000 ballots had been cast in Boston. That's a turnout rate of just a hair under 3% -- low, but on pace for 70,000 or so, which is roughly what I expected. We'll see.

In the two competitive district races, I'll be looking for the relative increases in turnout in different parts of the district. That should give a little clue about whether second-place finishers Bill Linehan and John O'Toole are making up ground against Suzanne Lee and Frank Baker, respectively.

Just a little clue, mind you; we don't know where those votes are going, or where the 'lost votes' are going, of those who voted for an eliminated candidate in the prelim.

Looking at District 2: By my quick calculations, the precincts where Bill Linehan won in the preliminary have seen a somewhat higher increase in turnout than the precincts won by Suzanne Lee; partly because of heavy turnout in South Boston (presumably for Michael Flaherty) and partly because turnout was already so huge in Chinatown for the preliminary it couldn't really get much higher. 

In District 3, by contrast, the increase in turnout seems to be very similar in precincts that went for Baker compared with precincts that went for O'Toole and precincts that went for another candidate.

Much more later. Let me know what you're seeing and hearing!


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