Q&A #6: Next Senate Prez

"Johnnie Mox" asks:

Even though the Senate President announeced she was keepng her firm grip on the Senate Presidency for a few years, things always change. The body has had great turnover in the last 6 years. Who do you see emerging as candidates as the next Senate President?

It's a tough one, huh? I wrote earlier this year that Therese Murray's leadership/committee assignments seemed to send a signal that she's in charge, and she's staying for a while (ditto with DeLeo on the house side), but you're right, things always change. So who? Everybody's gone (or, in the case of Steve Tolman, leaving). I guess Stan Rosenberg's an option; Jack Hart seems like a realistic possibility. Others (Downing anyone? Moore?) Seem a little further down the road -- if that's where they're looking.

I'm interested in who my blog readers think?

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