Perry-Romney, Mayweather-Ortiz

I did not actually see the Floyd Mayweather-Victor Ortiz fight Saturday, but I know a good political metaphor.

According to reports, Mayweather was leading the bout through the early rounds. An increasingly desparate Ortiz began trying to head-butt Mayweather, eventually connecting. The referee stopped the action to take a point away from Ortiz for the dirty move, at which point Ortiz made a grand show of conciliation, repeatedly reaching out to hug Mayweather -- and was still doing so when the ref called time in, at which point Mayweather took advantage of Ortiz's open arms to clock him twice, knocking him out.

I'm not sure which of Rick Perry or Mitt Romney is Mayweather and which is Ortiz in this metaphor; it could go either way. Both fight dirty, and do it with a "who me?" grin. Both are likely to get increasingly nasty if they're behind. And both will take advantage of any moment when their opponent lets down their guard.

As a fan of both boxing and politics, I'd actually pay more for the Perry-Romney entertainment.


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