Lobbyist $$$ In Boston City Council

Boston city government does not register lobbyists, and state-registered lobbyists may or may not have any business before the Boston City Council. Still, wouldn't you like to know which councilors take money from lobbyists?

I would! And fortunately, state lobbyists include contributions to municipal candidates in their disclosures, which are posted and searchable on the Secretary of State's web site. The reports for the first half of 2011 are now in, and I decided to troll through for my answer.

Here's what I've got, after a pretty thorough job searching (including catching some misspellings -- nice try, Rob Conslavo!) -- with the caveat that these are self-reported, and there may be more if anyone feels like scrubbing through the councilors' OCPF reports.

John Connolly leads the way, having received contributions from 49 state-registered lobbyists. Next is Stephen Murphy with 30, closely followed by Tito Jackson, the top district councilor with 29. (Jackson, bear in mind, had an election earlier this year, so he's done more fundraising than most.)

The rest: Rob Consalvo, 20; Ayanna Pressley, 19; Felix Arroyo, 15; Maureen Feeney, 9; Mike Ross, 9; Sal LaMattina, 7; Bill Linehan, 5; Matt O'Malley, 5; Mark Ciommo, 4; Charles Yancey, 2. (There have also been a scattered few for other candidates.)

The maximum donation from each is $200, so the total dollar amounts aren't huge. But still an interesting list I think.

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