Q&A #2 -- 10 Little Congressmen...

"Elias Nugator" asks:

Given the fact that the Commonwealth is about to lose a seat in Congress, are there any members of our delegation willing to "do the right thing" and decline to run in 2012 to prevent a ruinous intra-party fight? Or are they all gonna go down fighting no matter what?

There appear to be none willing to walk away. However, that may change as we get closer to the unveiling of the official proposals this fall; my bet is that once the writing is on the wall, the doomed pol will gallantly "volunteer" to retire for the good of the party, the Commonwealth, and the people of the greatest democracy on God's earth. It will be very touching. Between the teardrops he'll be arranging a half-million-dollar job making good use of his insider access.

Or, that scenario will play out once the two squeezed-together Reps are officially competitors. I personally doubt that we will actually have a primary between two incumbent members of Congress this cycle in the Commonwealth -- but it's certainly happened before, so it could again.

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