Romney Sorta Supports Wisconsin Guv

I don't know exactly what's going on here, but it sure looks like priceless Romney maneuvering.

Mitt Romney, who is typically solidly anti-union, has not been very vocal in supporting Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Yes, he did Tweet way back on Friday: "Support @ for doing what's necessary to rein in out-of-control public sector pay and benefits," but that's about it. Nothing on his PAC's web site, for instance. He certainly hasn't been flogging it as a cause everywhere you turn, like his potential 2012 Presidential nomination rival Tim Pawlenty.

Well, finally this afternoon Romney Tweeted the following:

Donate now to support Governor Walker and WI GOP senators as they attempt to restore fiscal sanity

The link sends you to the donation portal of the Wisconsin Committee to Elect a Republican Senate. Which doesn't support Governor Walker, just the state senate GOP. That's a little odd, huh? 

See, most GOP bigwigs are directing people to support Governor Walker by contributing as, which has been set up by the Republican Governor's Association (RGA). You would think that Mitt Romney would follow right along, seeing as he was once chair of the RGA himself.

But the current chair of the RGA is Rick Perry of Texas, who is a potential 2012 Presidential candidate. And Haley Barbour is the immediate past chairman of the RGA, and he's almost certainly a 2012 Presidential candidate.

In fact, Perry's face is right on the front page of the Stand With Scott web site, and Barbour's is one click in.

I don't think Mitt Romney wants people to give money to anything the RGA controls. I think he suspects that such moneys will be used in ways that do not benefit him.

I also suspect that perhaps he doesn't want Gov. Walker (who Romney supported in the 2010 election) to get so much money through the RGA that he feels grateful to Governor Perry or Barbour when considering who to endorse in the Presidential primary.

But, I'm just speculating.

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