Snake Eyes For Baker

Governor Deval Patrick has pushed for three casinos, but opposed slots at race tracks.

His Republican challenger, Charlie Baker, supports one casino, to test the waters.

Independent candidate Tim Cahill supports casinos and racinos.

The legislature has crafted a bill with casinos and racinos. Let's assume it passes, and Patrick vetoes it.

Cahill has already come out urging Patrick to sign the bill. I haven't seen anything from Baker. What's he going to do? If he says he'd veto, then he's saying Patrick's doing the right thing. If he says he'd sign, he looks like he'd let the legislature roll over him.


To people who strongly oppose casinos, Patrick looks like a hero.

To people who don't mind casinos, but strongly oppose racinos, Patrick looks like a hero.

To people who strongly favor casinos and/or racinos, Patrick looks like a villain -- and Cahill looks like the only candidate standing with them.

Patrick wins some supporters, and loses others -- all of whom go to Cahill. What does Baker get?

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