Q&A #2: Vicki 4 Senate?

"Deep Thinker" asks:

What did you think of Vicki Kennedy's speech?  If she runs for senate, do you think she can appeal to Scott Brown's base?

The Vicki conspiracy theorists in the building (and I'm one of them) sure thought that the whole presentation -- including the effusive praise from Sens. Kerry & Kirk -- seemed like a Vicki '12 rollout. But, we were all wrong before, so what do we know?

As for the Brown base, remember that the 2012 general election will be a far different dynamic than the January 2010 special election. I think that if she can win the primary, she'd probably beat Brown in the general, but that's no sure thing at all -- and I don't think she'd go unchallenged for the nomination, either.

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