Two Parties, Two Different Realities

 From the latest National Journal poll of Democratic and Republican Congressional Insiders, both sides believe passage of the health care reform bill helps their side in the November elections:

Q: If Congress enacts something close to President Obama's latest health care reform plan, how would that affect your party in the midterm elections?

DEMOCRATS (44 votes)

Help a lot       55 percent
Help a little    32 percent
Hurt a little     5 percent
Hurt a lot        9 percent
Not much impact   0 percent
REPUBLICANS (34 votes)
Help a lot       76 percent
Help a little    24 percent
Hurt a little     0 percent
Hurt a lot        0 percent
Not much impact   0 percent
Somewhat less surprisingly, the same is true of left-leaning and right-leaning bloggers.
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