Ask Me Anything Friday, 1/22

Brightening the gloom of your winter, it's the pageantry and hoopla of Ask Me Anything Day on the Talking Politics blog!

(Note to self: ask art department to whip up an Ask Me Anything Day graphic. Something this important deserves its own graphic.)

There's certainly plenty going on these days: Gov. Patrick's State of the Commonwealth address; the teetering national health care bill; a special state senate election in Cambridge & environs; the fast-approaching 2010 national and state elections; the start of the 2012 GOP Presidential cycle; ..... hmmmm.... I kind of feel like I'm leaving something out.... oh yeah -- ONLY THE BIGGEST FREAKIN' UPSET SENATE ELECTION EVAH!!!

So, leave your questions as comments to this post, or email them to me at -- I can keep you anonymous if you wish. I will answer to the best of my ability in separate posts throughout the day.

More questions makes for a more festive Ask Me Anything Day, so please ask away!

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