But What Do I Know? Coakley campaign takes time-out for voter fraud

The Coakley campaign is taking time out of its busy day right now to hold a press conference complaining about pre-marked ballots -- I don't know what's going on there, and obviously anybody who commits voter fraud should be investigated, but it seems to me the campaign should be a little more concerned at the moment with trying not to get their butts whipped in this election.

I'm getting the distinct impression that what Democrats are considering "good turnout" in their strongholds is not the same as what "good turnout" is going to be in the rest of the state.

But hey, we're just now getting to see the great urban Democratic machinery in action, so I'll just reserve judgment for the moment.

Oh and BTW it seems there's all kinds of GOP/conservative celebs in the city for this, including GOP chairman Michael Steele! I'm getting excited to party with that crowd!

LINK: ALERT! Coakley Voters Report Receiving Ballots Pre-Marked For Brown

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