Romney In Palm Springs

A while back I told you about this interesting race:

...there's a congressional race out in California that some of you might want to take a look at. It's the 45th District, where Mary Bono-Mack has long held the seat that she took over when her famous husband died. Steve Pougnet, the Democratic Mayor of Palm Springs (Sonny's launching pad to the congressional seat) is running against her.

Although it's often considered part of the ultra-conservative California interior, the district has become increasingly Democratic. The district went for Obama, and Pougnet's campaign manager tells me that Republicans' registration edge is very slim now. He also tells me that they've already raised $400,000 for the campaign, a year out; the DCCC is high on this race.

And yes, here's the twist: if elected, Pougnet is a gay man, and he and his partner have two young children. He would be the first (openly) gay dad in Congress.

Well, a local paper out there reports that Massachusetts's own Mitt Romney (who now lives in southern Cal, pays taxes as a NH resident, and votes in Mass.) is headlining a fundraiser for Bono Mack tonight. This would make it a perfect time to either contribute to Bono Mack, in solidarity with the Mittster, or to Pougnet, in opposition to him.

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