Some Local Election Thoughts

--I think Michael Flaherty ran a terrific campaign. Not much more that he could have done. It just wasn't in the cards.

--Ditto for Tito Jackson. And Carlos Henriquez. And Alex Selvig.

--And yes, I was wr.. wr... wr.... I was wr... wr... Damn! I was wrong about Boy Wonder Felix Arroyo.

--Biggest surprise, to people I spoke with last night (and to me): Steve Murphy's outstanding showing, nearly topping the at-large field.

--Nevertheless, John Connolly did  top the ticket (as I long ago predicted!) in impressive fashion. Everything he does now will be viewed through the "potential mayoral candidate" prism; which also means that a target is fixed permanently to his back. (One has to wonder, did Menino boost Murph to try to deny Connolly the top spot?)

--Speaking of potential future mayors of Boston... anyone notice that there are at least four black women who legitimately belong on that list? Charlotte Golar-Richie, Linda Dorcina Forry, Andrea Cabral, and Ayanna Pressley. I think I would put Marie St. Fleur on that list as well.

--About that Setti Warren win in Newton: is campaign manager Deb Shah the hottest property going or what?

--Anyone realize that come January John Tobin will be 6th in seniority on the Boston City Council?

--Tobin and Rob Consalvo, who both turned 40 this year, will also be the elder statesmen among the youthful half of the council. There will be six councilors between the age of 30 and 40, and seven age 50 and up.

Update: I would be remiss if I did not bow in respect to Jay's superior prognosticatory prowess.

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